Book Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

Book Review: A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murde pdf downloadr

Hey everyone my name is Brandon and I am a blogger so I wanted to talk about one of the books that I just finished this past weekend it was so good I gave it a full five stars I got it kind of on a whim I did not know if I was gonna like it kind of has a little bit of hype going around right now but it is called A good girls guide to murder I saw this in the Book of the Month picks for the why a selection and saw that it had been chosen for the why a book club.

Barnes & Noble was on my radar I was kind of trying to decide if I wanted to jump into it or not I have been reading a little bit of why a contemporary type but this is more of a thriller it is inspired by at least I think the serial podcast and I actually listened to the serial podcast a few years ago so I got to learn about the case from the first series I watched the HBO documented me a lot of that but one of the things that I really struggle with thrillers is predicting the ending right everything no one wants to read a thriller.

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Where they predict the ending and when you read enough thrillers you start to get to the point where you are like okay either this or this could happen it’s gonna be one of these three and you are trying to figure out which one it is that did not happen with this book at all I was like trying to figure out who murdered who if someone was still alive if everyone was dead was somebody else gonna die and I could not this was one of the books where I got to a point almost to the end where I literally gasped and yelled wait what and my fiance was walking around laughing at me because A good girls guide to murder just had this shocked look on my face and also A good girls guide to murder pdf download.

Download PDF of A good girls guide to murder Here:

I did not know what was happening and I had to go back and reread the page because I did not know what I had just read I had to confirm it in my brain so I would definitely recommend this especially if you like true crime you like suspense you like you know murder mysteries it was definitely age-appropriate it was not gory or did not have a lot of adult content definitely a solid thriller. 

I am gonna be going to the Barnes & Noble book club night for this hope to get to talk to more people about this and I have already convinced my mom and my sister to read it my sisters of murder II know though so like no surprise but if you like the serial podcast 


If you like a true-crime if you like thrillers do not be kind of turned off by the why a part of it because a good girls guide to murder was not written like a true why novel and I think why a can be read by lots of people so good girls guide to murder five stars definitely check it out thanks for coming to my channel remember to hit the subscribe button at the bottom if you want to hear more reviews and check me out on Instagram at the fun-sized reader at Twitter at the fun-sized reader and on Facebook at the fun-sized reader see you guys next time.

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