The Perception of ADHD Learners and Computer-aided Education

The Perception of ADHD Learners and Computer-aided Education

The Perception of ADHD

Computers are not only the solution to your unanswered questions but they work magically when it comes in the way of ADHD learners. Computer-aided learning is a promising intervention for people who are suffering from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. It has proven a fruitful way to improve the quality of their life, behavior, and self-control. These all things are improved when such people are educated with the help of Computer-Assisted Learning. Several research was carried out to observe the changes in their living ways and self-control and this was considered a positive approach to their life.

In the second century, this phenomenon is considered the major upcoming issue, and there was a hike in the number of cases of ADHD. It is a neurodevelopment disorder, which makes the development of inappropriate symptoms regarding attention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

After studying a lot about this issue overthe past 30 years it was found that Computer-aided education was based on the best strategy to solve this problem. There was one case study that was reviewed by Schmidt, Weinstein, Niemiec, and Walberg on Computer Aided Education. They found out that among 26 students, 23 students were doing better than before, this type of educational way help them to learn more and in better ways.

In 1980, a research interest was found in Computer-aided education’s impact on the person who is suffering from ADHD. Computer-aided education possesses special features like visual and auditory stimulation, step-by-step learning, and feedback availability and these designed methods acquire great response in making their life better and easier. It was observed that repetitive tasks for people who are suffering from ADHD are boredom and increase impulsivity in them. Whereas computer works in that manner so that they will work on them but in an interesting and effective and motivated manner. This method and its effectiveness on ADHD people were examined by several studies between 1993 to 2016, and many reviews and meta-analyses have been conducted. All reviews and research find that computer and assistive technology have worked in the right direction to make them learn effectively. They were performing better than before and their achievements and concentration were increasing day by day.

Many studies reveal that this Computer-aided education made them better in management, good performers in academics, and less impulsivity. There was a positive turn when this method was implemented. There is a great role play of technology in making this happen, different great people researched the different technology and the basic instruction provided to them to make things easier. They used tools to find out the output whether ADHD learners, have any impact, or any kind of improvement in their learning process and management. 

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These all reviews and case study was done on different aspects to assemble the data and to find out which of the method is showing better improvement. They also try to find what kind of methodology will make them improve their condition. Many repetitive experiments show that Computer-aided education using different technology has shown a lot of achievement and improvement in their disorder condition All the data analysis done and the report prepared has shown that computer-aided education is a valid intervention to support ADHD learners.

Computer usage for ADHD learners with appropriate technology is considered a tool that gives the improved performance of ADHD learners. This gives a way to think in a different direction ahead to make things for them easier and better, their sufferings should come at the end. Improvements are our need to make life better and grooming, despite of all we want a peaceful and learning life. This is not easier for people who are suffering from ADHD, but this can be made easier for them by proving their interesting way of learning through computer-aided education.


Computer-aided education has proven the biggest step in people’s lives who are suffering from ADHD. The perception of ADHD learners has completely changed after they start to get involved in computer-aided education. Many research and reviews have proven that the technology has made it possible for them to do better and can achieve more and more by using this means. Nothing is impossible for them, they can reach a height and have good concentration.

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