Book Review | Anne of Green Gables | Get PDF

Book Review | Anne of Green Gables | Get PDF

Anne of Green Gables


Siblings Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert reside at their family farm, Green Gables, in the sleepy community of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Cuthberts decide to adopt an orphan kid to aid Matthew, who is sixty since he is getting too elderly to manage the agricultural labour on his own. The local gossip, Mrs Rachel Lynde, is shocked by this choice since she does not believe Matthew and Marilla are suitable parents.

When Matthew, a man who despises women, gets to the railway station, he discovers Anne Shirley, who is only eleven years old, there instead of the intended recipient, a boy. Matthew is won over by Anne’s vivacity and spirit, and he timidly confesses to Marilla that he wants to keep her. Marilla is initially hesitant, but after a trial period, she decides to let Anne continue.

Despite being an orphan and leading a meagre existence, Anne is a chatty and joyful young woman. Despite her lack of social graces and education, she has a positive outlook on life and a compassionate personality. Anne unintentionally disobeys the standards of traditional ladylike behaviour because she follows her intuition rather than a code of manners. She screams at Mrs Rachel for making fun of her red hair when she goes to church for the first time while sporting a wreath made of wildflowers, for instance. Anne makes numerous mistakes despite her best efforts to comply with Marilla and adhere to her social conventions. These include baking a cake with liniment rather than vanilla, letting a mouse drowned in the plum pudding sauce, and offering an absurd but sincere prayer on her first attempt to pray before going to bed.

Before residing at Green Gables, Anne had no genuine pals, thus she was forced to create fictitious playmates. Diana Barry, a neighbour she meets in Avonlea, swiftly wins her heart as a friend. Diana accepts Anne’s invitation to tea one afternoon, but Anne accidentally serves her red currant wine rather than raspberry non-alcoholic cordial. When Diana gets home inebriated, her mother prevents the girls from speaking because she believes Anne intentionally made Diana drunk. The excruciating period of alienation continues until Anne heals Diana’s croup-stricken sister and wins Mrs Barry’s forgiveness.

Anne argued with Gilbert Blythe, a charming and intelligent boy, at school. Gilbert calls Anne “Carrots” and yanks her crimson braid when they first meet. Gilbert’s taunting of Anne enrages her because she is quite sensitive about her red hair. She slams a slate over his head while screaming at him. The rivalry between Anne and Gilbert, the two sharpest students, that lasts until the novel’s conclusion, begins with this occurrence.

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As Anne gets older, she loses part of her impressionable flair for the dramatic and romantic and instead directs her vivacious focus on academics. Miss Stacy, a beloved teacher, notices Anne’s intelligence and invites her to join a select group of pupils preparing for the Queen’s Academy admission exam. After four years of mutual silence, her long-standing rivalry with Gilbert Blythe transforms into a friendly and familiar rivalry when they both enrol at Queen’s Academy. Anne puts all of her efforts into her studies because she wants to make Matthew and Marilla proud of her. As a result, she receives the coveted Avery Scholarship, which provides her with enough money to enrol in a four-year college the following fall.

With excitement about her chances for the future, Anne returns to Green Gables. Matthew, who had heart issues, passes away from a heart attack. When Anne discovers that Marilla is going to go blind, she decided to forego pursuing a four-year degree to stay at Green Gables and work as a school teacher so that she may take care of Marilla. When Gilbert learns of her choice, he resigns from his position as Avonlea School’s teacher so that Anne might work there and be nearer to Marilla. Gilbert and Anne cease their five-year feud and develop a strong relationship. Even though Anne’s options for the future are significantly restricted, she keeps her optimism for the future.


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