Book Review: Call me by your name pdf Download

Book Review: Call me by your name pdf Download

Call me by your name pdf download

In this blog I finally want to talk about the book that I have not been able to stop thinking about ever since I experienced it I am gonna be discussing both the book and the movie Call me by your name pdf download I will probably be spoiling the story as a whole so if you have read the book but not seeing the movie or if you have seen the movie but not read the book I definitely recommend doing both before reading this blog so you can experience it for yourself.

About the book

It’s the sort of thing where it’s not gonna be ruined for you if you hear me talk about it it’s one of those things that’s probably very personal to everyone who sees it or reads it to be perfectly honest I am shocked how many people connect to this like I know why I do and the fact that so many people feel that way don’t forget to save Call me by your name book pdf download I think is really just a testament to the writing and to the film adaptation which obviously more people are seeing the movie than reading the book.

So I wish I had read this book sooner I knew that I should read it and I almost saw the movie without reading it first and I thought it would be okay but looking back I am so happy that I read the book and got to experience it here first before seeing the movie I listened to the audiobook of called me by your name and it was read by Army hammer which I thought would be weirder than it was because army hammers narrating from the perspective of Elio and then he plays Oliver in the film and read it online Call me by your name book pdf download.

It was like whoa you are in both of their heads but really just made Oliver’s lines all that more fun to listen to there were times when just a line would catch me off guard and I would be staring off into space and have to rewind 30 seconds happens to me all the time with audiobooks but usually for different reasons the line had kept feeding people as I was reading this book was you have to read it like this book is the reason why words exist words were created for this novel.

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There were a few things that I really appreciated about the book experience and I will get to the film sooner the way Andre Allen the author of the book deals with time from the start it very much felt like this story existed nowhere in time it was very much about the memory and when you remember a summer or you remember a life-changing event that sort of takes place over a longer period of time your memory is not linear it’s not a traditional plot structure it’s you are thinking of the effect that it had on you as a whole and you are like okay it started here and there was this event and that led to this but this was actually three weeks later I loved going through that journey of never totally being in one spot and so when we would land on a theme and then be in that moment.

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It felt very present all that more real the way Elio would go into these thought spirals analyzing everything Oliver does analyzing everything he says being self-conscious being 17 years old every ridiculous thing that he thought made perfect sense and it was so exciting to read something so honest and so real beyond honest that I knew every time I picked up the book or picked up the audiobook I would learn something and I would have a real experience with it it felt so private and like something I could read over and over again and never get tired of because reading it has almost nothing to do with the story it reminded me of reading letters.


I would love to hear your thoughts on the Call me by your name book pdf download I will be reading and responding to comments thanks for reading the full blog. If you have not experienced calling about your name and you just heard all of that and you are not sold yet be sold and go see it or read it it’s definitely like a book for people who do not like books. 

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