Comic Book Review: Godzilla half century war | Download PDF

Comic Book Review: Godzilla half century war | Download PDF

Godzilla half century war pdf download

Hello, We are going to be a Book review of Godzilla half century war written and drawn by James Stokoe more accurately we are looking at this attractive oversized hardcover collection and it’s worth your value so let’s get into it James still goes a guy that’s been in the industry for quite a few years at this point he’s most above all known for doing orc stain which was a short-lived image comic series.

The revitalizer project Sullivan sluggers now if you know anything about the Sullivan Slugger Kickstarter ran into some creation problems that’s me that here nor there but on this forecast, Godzilla half century war he decided to take riding duties as well as art and I gotta say the overall introduction or overall project pretty good stuff the story centers around the character ultimo Takami an automotive commie at the beginning of the story is a wingman in the Japanese military.

It’s set in 1954 what happens is that otay sent to Japan in a relief strive because something’s been gallop up a place he soon finds out it’s Godzilla and what happens is this that Ulta becomes preoccupied with God’s alignment it follows Ulta through 50 years of his life and his obsession with Godzilla half century war so you are probably thinking at this point man this sounds really cool that sounds really awesome it’s an absorbing premise but is the whole story just centered on Alta.

We are not getting much it got till another no no no you get a lot of guts of it all through this whole book in fact I would say Godzilla shows up in about eighty percent of this book it’s a huge amount and you do see all of Godzilla’s classic villains like King khadora you see Mothra Mechagodzilla Godzilla half century war they all reveal inside of this five-issue run and it is all stupendous and the really really really really breathtaking thing is just how well James Stokoe is able to weave in all the villains into the plot of this story and not make it feel just out of place in just something that’s thrown simultaneously work.

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Here I will just throw my mouth right here just for no reasoning no no they all we have been for a very specific reason in a very specific time point in the 50-year run what’s also really great about this is that soco recognizes from a storytelling standpoint that Godzilla half century war not always a good guy he’s not always a bad guy he’s more a similarity of a force of nature where he comes in destroys things maybe take out the other giant lizard giant monster that’s there but he leaves a huge pile of wreckage behind and I think that’s really great and it’s a really captivating concept the soco does explore a little bit here in the five is she run I would have liked him to go into a little bit more of that into kind of the nature.

Godzilla half century war  comic book is but we do have those old classic Japanese movies for that and Stoker was kind of slowdown by the fact that this was only five issues let’s talk about the real star of the show here the art James logos are on this is beautiful panels just lush they look stunning super-detailed the amount of scale for Godzilla and the other creatures on this is insane when you see Godzilla pop into the panel for the first time it gets you are like wow this thing is huge and he does so very logically because like in the classic Godzilla movies you do not see Godzilla right away no they build up to it and Stokoe even though he is only limited by a few panels he spikes that build up to it and read also another Comic review Watchmen Alan Moore Pdf Download


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