Book gone with the wind read online free in 2021

Book gone with the wind read online free in 2021

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Hello, everyone today I’m gonna review Gone with the Wind read online free as an Ebook. This book Pulitzer prize novel written by Margaret Mitchell this book was rated among the American readers as the second most favorite book after the bible according to a 2014 poll and it was also adapted into a movie in 1939 which won like eight Oscars and was considered as one of the greatest movies ever made one interesting fact about gone with the wind is that this was the first and the only novel written by Margaret Mitchell in her life apparently she took like 10 years to complete this book and this really speaks volume about the content.

About the book

This quality of this story and before i begin i want to tell you one thing please don’t be intimidated by its size because trust me it was such an amazing book i did not even have one dull moment while reading it i enjoyed every single page of it and I’m not exaggerating when I’m telling this corner the wind is a historical romance fiction set during the American civil war where the story starts in 1861 and majorly takes place in Atlanta and Georgia so the story is about Scarlett O’Hara and how her life is gone with the wind read online free transforms changes throughout this whole war and the reconstruction era the stories about the people of south who are on the losing side of the war um they are impractically prideful and patriotic for their lost cause the story kind of shows how few people adapt to the situations while other few people are just stuck in their old ideal past lives what really adds some spice to this story is the love triangle the love triangle between Scarlett Ashley and red butcher 

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download gone with the wind

This book is about characters it’s not about the story theme or setting or anything else it’s the characters that made me fall in love with this book so let me talk about the two most favorite characters of mine from this book so the first character is Khaled o’haram she’s the main character of the book and on which the whole story revolves and you’re gonna see the whole historical period through the perspective of scarlet so coming to the personality of her she is a cold-hearted she’s selfish ruthless and manipulative she believes that  she can move any guy and make him fall in love with her she’s very prideful about her beauty but at the same time she’s full of life or determination and resilience in the difficult times is unmatchable so despite her cruel nature Now you are reading gone with the wind read online free 

You will find yourself falling in love with garnet on various occasions she’s just too charming to ignore so coming to the other character he is my love red butler I don’t know where to begin about him he’s the most charismatic character that I’ve ever read you just can’t fall in love with him he’s that good he is brutally honest and blunt he does not give a damn about what people think he’s an opportunistic and selfish kind of similar to scarlet in this aspect. We have also a PDF of this book you can download with just a click gone with the wind read online free.

He is sarcastic even and even fun to be around with he’s someone who is hated by the people around him he has a very bad reputation yet he manages to be extremely charming what really drew me towards that were the times when the good side of bread was revealed over the story I was so surprised to see such amazing qualities in an otherwise hated personality in gone with the wind read online free he just um carries this mysterious vibe around Him making people wonder who he truly is so he’s just very complicated and addictive to read I can talk about him forever but I’ll stop here one thing I would like to say is that I love this book more because of Fred butler than because of Scarlett he is just truly amazing what will hook you to this story is the raw passionate relationship between scarlet and red they have this love-hate relationship between them.

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It’s not normal it’s very complicated but very exciting and intoxicating to read also their relationship is kind of toxic and that makes it quite interesting to Read having said all that goes with the wind has its own flaws it’s criticized to be whitewashing Racism and romanticizing the south so the story is biased to some extent however it’s a star read for me because of its amazing storytelling and great characters and the kind of Brahma that will keep you hooked throughout the story and keep you wanting more and more this is a book that will deeply touch you make you addicted to the characters and will leave a void in your life when you finish it did to me it left a void in my life after I finished it and I never experienced this before, not to this extent so what I’m saying is don’t miss out on this amazing book. We have also another love story book review The hating game


This story is too long, you might get bored in the middle but it’s such a masterpiece and you definitely have to read it hope you enjoyed this summary. This was my opinion about the book and I would love to know yours so do let me know in the comment section if you have read this book and if you want to see more book reviews.

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