How to Solve the Green Webcam Problem in HP Laptop

How to Solve the Green Webcam Problem in HP Laptop

In this fast-growing technological world where almost everything has turned virtual, a laptop camera is definitely one of the most crucial characteristics. The webcam has become an incredible lifesaver and has been smoothly interwoven into normal daily living, from professional meetings and live presentations to interacting with friends and family.

This is why an unforeseen laptop camera problem is among the most upsetting events that might occur during the day. Given that a laptop camera issue affects both your personal and business life, it is more than just a technological issue.

Many users have complained about the green display screen of the webcam on their laptops while using different applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or Discord.

So, here today we will show some troubleshooting tips to solve this issue handily. First, let us see what are the possible reasons which can lead to this malfunction of the webcam.

Causes of Webcam Malfunction

There are several reasons why your camera can turn green. Hence, you need to identify the error first in order to apply the proper solution effectively. Here are some of the possible causes.

  • Faulty camera settings
  • Outdated or corrupted drivers
  • Dirt or dust accumulated
  • Background applications

So, the above listed are some of the possible reasons causing this issue. Now let us see the easy and simple solutions to fix all such causes effectively.

Quick and Easy Solutions to Fix Webcam

Here below given are a few of the solutions which will help you in fixing the green screen of the webcam issue and let your workflow resume.

Clean the camera portion

Sometimes, debris or dust gets accumulated on the surface of the webcam area on your laptop. Hence, it is important to clean that portion of the camera regularly to avoid its malfunction.

You can use a clean soft cloth and a small brush to wipe off any dust or dirt particles present on the surface.

Change camera settings

Sometimes, altering the settings in your laptop system can solve this issue easily. Follow the below steps to fix the settings.

  1. Press the Windows key and enter Camera.
  • Now go to Camera privacy settings.
  • Turn the “Allow apps to access the camera” option ON.
  • Go to the “Choose which apps can access your camera” option.
  • Toggle all the apps you want to give access to ON.

Close the settings and restart your PC to check if the problem is solved.

Reinstall the driver

Drivers are majorly responsible for the working of any device on your PC system. Hence, if the drivers of that particular software are corrupted or outdated, the device may start malfunctioning.

So, it is important to timely update or install the latest appropriate version of drivers in order to make your workflow more efficient, smooth, and errorless. To do so, refer to the below-given steps.

  1. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialog box.
  • In the Run Window, enter devmgmt.msc command.
  • This will open the Device Manager window on your PC.
  • Now locate your webcam device under Cameras or other devices.
  • Select your desired device by double-clicking on it.
  • Choose the Driver Tab option.
  • Now click on Uninstall the driver option.
  • Follow and confirm any instructions or prompts that come on the screen.

Run a clean boot

In order to identify whether a background software is interfering with your game or program, you can “clean boot” Windows to start it with the fewest drivers and starting programs possible. Follow the instructions to perform the clean boot process.

  1. Sign in to your PC as an administrator. Create one administrator account if your PC does not have it already.
  • Now go to the taskbar and enter msconfig in the search column.
  • Choose System Configuration.
  • Go to the Services tab on the System Configuration window.
  • Click the Hide all Microsoft services options.
  • Now choose Disable all.
  • Go to the Startup tab on the System Configuration window.
  • Open the Task Manager.
  • Select each and every startup item under the startup tab in the task manager.
  1. Then choose the Disable option for each of them.
  1. Now Close the Task Manager and confirm by clicking OK on the Configuration window.

A fresh boot environment is present when you restart the computer. You can install, uninstall, or launch your application by following troubleshooting procedures. While in a clean boot environment, your computer can momentarily lose certain capabilities.

After doing a clean boot troubleshooting, reset the laptop to start normally and restore functionality. If everything functions as expected after a clean boot, there may be some third-party services to blame.


Here we have discussed the ways how you can fix your webcam on your laptop if it is showing a green or pixelated screen. This is a very common problem that many users face due to different reasons. Find your reason and its solution in this useful article.

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