Explanation Summary of It Ends With US Colleen Hoover Also Download PDF

Explanation Summary of It Ends With US Colleen Hoover Also Download PDF

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Hey guys so  In this blog I’m giving a full summary about it ends with us colleen hoover literally my most anticipated book talk of this year and that is for it ends with us by Colleen Hoover who you guys know is my favorite author of all time Colleen Hoover is just my queen I love her so much every single book that she writes is just phenomenal in my eyes and I love it every single time regardless like I just love her so much I love her writing and I think she’s so wonderful so I’m very excited to finally be bringing you guys this book talk.

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it ends with us pdf
it ends with us pdf

I just finally got around to reading this book guys like I literally went to her launch party like her launch party signing the day this book came out and like she signed it for me like I went to the launch party and I haven’t read it until the other day like I just read this book it ends with us colleen hoover the other day so yeah kind of disappointed to myself that I didn’t read this sooner but it also got me out of my reading slump I finally read a book guys and spend what four months since I actually read something so I’m very proud of myself right now but more than that I’m very excited to finally be sharing my thoughts with you guys on this book so many of you guys have just been commenting and tweeting me Laura have you read it ends with us yeah and I’m just been like no and I finally read it and you guys are very excited it seems on my Twitter and all that kind of stuff so I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you guys on this book. 

I’m going to be doing a very short spoiler free section right now so if you’ve not read the book feel free to watch for just a minute or two I just want to talk to you guys about it ends with us colleen hoover some basic stuff going on with this book overall I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars I highly enjoyed it obviously it’s one of my new favorite Colleen Hoover books I just absolutely love – I tore to pieces I read this book in one day I started it at like 2 p.m. and then I just kind of took breaks in between but I ended up finishing it at 2 a.m. in the morning and I class the next day and I was like exhausted but it was so worth it because it was wonderful if you haven’t read this book 

I really don’t want to spoil anything I don’t want to tell you a single thing about this story

I’ll tell you it’s about this girl named Lilly and it’s about her life and I don’t want to tell you anything else I didn’t know anything going into this book and I’m so glad that I kept it that

way because I feel like just knowing stuff going into this book might make you think certain things and I just I don’t want any of that for you guys know Colleen Hoover writes a synopsis on the back and it has nothing to do with it ends with us colleen hoover book anyway so there’s really no point in reading it just don’t read it just go into the book without knowing anything because you just know it’s wonderful because I’m telling you it is I promise you if you like ColleenHoover if you like romance if you like a new adult if you like friendship and love and Ellen 

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If you  like Ellen read this book honestly let’s cover it even says every person with a heartbeat she’ll read this book kami, Garcia, like read it it’s just so good like anybody should read it

I really hope if you have not read this book that you’ll take it ends with us colleen hoover my advice and just go read it I promise you it you’re gonna love it if you’re a fan of new adult romance it’s just such a wonderful story so amazing and deep and heartbreaking but wonderful and I just I really recommend it.

Now I’m going to say bye to people that have more information about  it ends with us colleen hoover   yet so we can get into the spoiler section so go pick up a copy of this book if you’ve not read it already but for now we’re gonna get into the spoiler so I’ll see you guys later non-spoiler people I love this story so much I loved everything about it the characters the plot everything going on in the story if you need it ends with us  I loved that it took place in Boston for like half of the story obviously like not her flashbacks but the present-day scenes were in Boston which is my city I live in Massachusetts it felt so wonderful to read a book written by Colleen Hoover that just takes place in Boston it was just the best thing ever for me personally this book was like a very unexpected Colleen Hoover book usually you go into a Colleen Hoover book knowing nothing you’re reading it you’re like wow this is great 

I love it and then there’s like some huge plot twists and you’re like oh my god like I can’t

believe that has happened and you’re just like a wreck because you’re just like so confused about everything you’re questioning everything you’re like what this book was a little bit different for me I found it very interesting for Colleen to choose the topic of domestic violence which obviously when you read the book you read the author’s note at the end you learn a little bit more about her background and stuff like that which I thought was so wonderful and  get your it ends with us   just brave of her to share this story but for me it felt like it was more of just like a normal story like you didn’t have that huge like plot twist in the book which I was like kind of waiting for because it’s kind of like Colleen’s thing but at the same time I didn’t think the book necessarily needed that it definitely still had that like oh my god crazy factor but it wasn’t like as

Heike crazy as Colleen usually goes but I didn’t think it needed that at all.

I thought the story was perfect as is I loved Lilly so much she’s one of my new favorite main protagonists girl characters from Colleen usually the main girl can get a little bit annoying I think that’s very a common thing for me I just get really annoyed with the lead female protagonists in books but for Lilly I absolutely loved her I related to her and I was just like in love with her the whole story same goes for our friend Atlas who we know is the homeless boy that she helped back when she lived in Maine and you’re kind of led to believe that he’s in her past that’s Atlas whatever she’s just telling her story and now in the first chapter of the book she meets this new guy named rile and that she’s going to be having a relationship with him and you know maybe

Atlas will play into the book later but maybe not I absolutely loved Elissa the friend that’s Ryles sister that helps her at the flower shop and it becomes her best friend I absolutely loved her I thought she was so wonderful but obviously, I have super mixed feelings about Ryle you’re kind of led to believe that rile is just this like super hot neurosurgeon who becomes her boyfriend they’re gonna live happily ever after and he’s just so wonderful and she doesn’t even need atlas he’s just the best there ever was and even at the beginning I was a little bit skeptical I was like rile just kind of seems like a little too good to be true and at the same time she was reading from her journals the flashbacks obviously of main and what happened her like with Atlas and I was kind of low-key falling for Atlas more than I ruled like obviously rile had his ups and things that I liked about him but more so throughout the whole story even before we see anything happen with riling and his violence.

I really preferred it ends with us colleen hoover  Atlas and I don’t know If that’s just because I’m good at picking things up or if I just liked him more I don’t really know but I definitely had more of a liking towards him this book really blew me away in  how it showed the relationship of lily and Ryle and how you know the relationship starts out super normal and you’re falling in love with them as a couple you’re falling in love with Riya you’re like oh my god he’s so cute kind of the same way as lily does you know lily obviously falls in love with him they date and they get married eventually I have a kid together but you know you’re kind of falling in love with him the same way that lily is so the first time that he’s violent towards her and pushes her in the kitchen that night you’re kind of doing the same thing that Lily does as a reader and you’re like oh like it was an accident like it’s fine and you’re kind of like covering for rile because you love rile right and it’s like the same way that Lily’s covering for a while because she loves him but it’s like this book just kind of puts you in the perspective of dealing with domestic violence and it kind of like makes you Lily and makes you realize like oh my god like I’m in love with him but do I stay with him he hurt me stuff like that and it’s like if you’ve never been in a domestic league abusive. 

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Relationship you would never like understand you know she talks about how people always blame the person for never leaving their husband if they’re getting abused by them and they’re always like no like you don’t get you don’t get our situation and you’re always like why wouldn’t you just leave them you know look that’s kind of how people react when they see things like that but as a reader in this book at least personally I almost got it I was like oh my god like does she leave him does she stay with him like I don’t know and obviously as an outsider you would be like he pushed you leave him but reading the book in like understanding her love for Eyal and having that same affection towards him you’re kind of like what does she do like I don’t know I thought that was so well done on Colleen’s part and I just have to give her props for that it just it really shows her as a writer and her just amazingness and I was just really happy that that was included in the book I honestly couldn’t tell you if I preferred the flashback scenes from her journal or her scenes with Riley.


We have also it ends with us pdf I just I can’t get over this story guys it was so amazing most likely I’ve skipped over a lot of things in this book that maybe you were interested in hearing my thoughts on or anything like that so if that is the case leave me a comment down below.

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