Review: Love Story By Erich Segal | Get PDF

Review: Love Story By Erich Segal | Get PDF

The Love Story Erich Segal


There will essentially be some sorrow and a lot of romance in every love story. You also literally get the added benefit of seeing how a kind of real romantic relationship should be through Erich Segal’s Love Story in a subtle way. Love Story, which mostly was first published in 1977, is readily categorized as a traditional love story: a very Rich guy generally meets a particularly impoverished girl, they fall in love, boys’ parents object and force him to particularly leave his family’s heritage, while girls\’ parents put up a valiant effort in an actual big way. 

However, their love endures the test of time and generally is sort of stronger than any barriers in their way in a subtle way. They actually get married and actually have a wonderful life together, or so they thought Except   The happily ever after essentially is not exactly cheerful, though in a subtle way. 

The love story centers on Jennifer Cavilleri (often known simply Jenny), a fairly middle-class student of music at Radcliffe University in England, and Oliver Barrett IV, a Harward student pursuing law (whose name itself suggests a distinguished pedigree) in a very major way. Even the initial chat itself kind of is fascinating. Jenny thinks Oliver is a foolish pretty affluent brat when they first meet, whereas Oliver thinks Jenny is a bespectacled mouse, which is quite significant. 

When Erich Segal chooses to thrash them all, you kind of were there making assumptions about the two characters and attempting to mostly foresee their future together in a major way. When you kind of the least particularly expect it, love can particularly happen and turn sour first impressions into pleasant sentiments. Following their marriage and college graduation, Oliver and Jenny must live a decent life without any financial assistance in a major way.

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 But once more, their love comes to the rescue subtly. In addition to being a sweet tale of love between two people from different socioeconomic classes, Love Story also introduces you to two characters who unwittingly find a place in actually your heart in a subtle way. Oliver and Jenny will kind of make you smile, weep, and just generally want to be everywhere they kind of are at the time! Jenny begins working as a teacher in a private school, while Oliver accepts a position at a reputable law company, which is quite significant. Until they realise how very brief their time together is.

The writing of Erich Segal is quite straightforward. Each scene has its kind of own allure and makes you grin just a particularly little bit in a subtle way. A story that will always definitely hold a special place in my heart is Love Story in an actual big way. Once you start reading it, you essentially HAVE to finish it in one sitting, and when you’re done, you’ll want to read more about Oliver & Jenny in a major way. The phrase “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” will always generally stick in my mind, which is fairly significant.


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