Review: Love story by Erich Segal | Get PDF

Review: Love story by Erich Segal | Get PDF

love story by Erich Segal

Hey, this is Brandon with the Alfa public library and I am going to be reviewing love story by Erich Segal as you can see this is a pretty old book it was published back in 1970 Wow and so this story is about all of Oliver and Jennifer they meet in college and they do not hit it off too well and in fact, I would say their relationship is mostly about challenging each other to be better or at least. 

They are never lovey-dovey like oh you are so sweet no you just mean new you and etc it is not like that it’s more like why did not you ace that test poopoo head because I was practicing my hockey skills monkey face and well you should not have done that birth breath Mike I will take your opinion into consideration Lord but only with much more adult language trying to keep it rated G here and so but they do love each other very deeply and so but the romance is a sharp romance, not a lovey-dovey swimming type so this story is very straightforward.

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They do not have any fluffy prose which I kind of liked so Oliver is the main narrator and he tells it like we met here in here dialogue then I star here dialogue and then this happened dialogue and I felt this way so it’s really this happened it’s an account of a timeline of how this how the relationship went and this book covers I think about five years and as you can see it is not very thick only 130 pages I love that about this book.

So, you get to just zip through it and there is still some character development and you still connect with them and still feel their pain and joy and it’s just really fun what I did not like about it was some of the character choices and so I did not connect with them totally like I would not have done that or I agree with you on this point but I still very much enjoyed this book. 

The reason I picked this up as I was flipping through TV stations and landed on Turner Classic Movies and this was made into a movie and so I watched it a bit I did not watch the whole thing and so my god that’s interesting so I Wikipedia like oh look there’s a book looking like a library catalog oh look we have the book and so that’s how I came about to reading this wonderful love story very matter-of-fact book as the title shows so I recommend this read and hope you have a wonderful day.

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