Book summary: Mindset: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential | PDF Download

Book summary: Mindset: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential | PDF Download

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Hello everyone let’s talk about Mindset: Changing The Way You think To Fulfil Your Potential now when we are going through a difficult time or facing big challenges we often hear things like you know to try and be a positive look at the bright sides you know have a more positive mindset which sounds a whole lot easier than it is you know it’s not easy to change our mindsets or is it that’s the question Alison Verdot to from push business training and mentoring and I want to talk to you about one of my favorite books.

It’s called mindset uh mindset reaching your potential the power of believing in yourself it’s by dr carol Dweck and I first came across Dr. Dweck’s work when i watched a ted talk of hers and I was just fascinated I would study neuro leadership and neuroscience and so I knew that we do have the ability to control our mindset and to alter our perspective on things for sure you know as we learn more but her research is amazing and so is her book she goes into mindsets in a way that shows you exactly how not just that we should be more positive. 

She actually shows you how we can shift our mindset um like I said it’s one of my favorite books her work is just um you know fantastic highly recommend you go watch the ted talk um dr Dweck really focuses on the growth mindset versus the fixed mindset she may well have coined the actual term she’s researched this for decades you know so it’s very um scientifically based very very well research um and like I said it’s did I mention it’s really good um but she goes into actually how we can shift our mindset from being really really fixed and that we do actually have the power to change it it is um a choice so very briefly people with a fixed mindset. 

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It’s just that it’s fixed they believe that intelligence is fixed that success is fixed um you know so if they have been told that they are really smart or they are really successful they become quite um hemmed into that and so they you know fear that it’s going to be challenged so they do not tend to take risks because hey look I am successful and if I take that risk and it does not work then I am not going to look successful or I am not going to look smart so they tend to be very limited in particular in risk-taking learning they do not like learning new things they do not take criticism very well. 

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Because they have that fixed perspective of intelligence for example or success so they do not see feedback and criticism as something we can learn from and grow from they see it as something that challenges their intelligence or their success whereas people with a growth mindset, on the other hand, they see everything as a way to grow so if somebody is I mean obviously none of us like people being awful or mean to us but they will take constructive criticism exactly as it is constructive how can I use it which is really interesting. 


I learned to love it you know and now I absolutely love it but there are many other things that find i put the word yet at the end of because it changes the meaning completely so what do you have that you could attach the word yet to I would really love to hear let me know in the comments okay and pick up the book by dr carol dweck you will love From them.

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