Spoiler-free review “Murder on the Orient Express’’ Pdf Download

Spoiler-free review “Murder on the Orient Express’’ Pdf Download

Murder on the orient expressed pdf

Hello, everyone, I hope you are well today’s video it’s going it Agatha Christie’s book review and I adore Agatha Christie as you know I am gonna make this whole video spoiler-free so I am gonna be reviewing Murder on the orient express by Agatha Christie this was published in 1934.

About The Story of Murder on the Orient Express.

This is a pro novel so Perrault is a Belgium detective and he gets called to cases or a friend of his or said like oh you are a detective can you help me out with this or murder would just happen in his vicinity and he will solve it and that’s exactly what happens here so Perrault is returning home and he’s on the Orient Express and you get to meet all the different passages before the murder begins And Download Murder on the orient express pdf

Murder on the Orient Express
Murder on the Orient Express

He’s kind of giving his assessment of the different characters and then he has someone called do boss who is someone who used to work with who he just happens to see on the train and they are talking about like good old times together and they obviously solved murders together at one point and then a murder happens on the Orient Express and the suspects are the people on the train the other passengers. 

Because no one got on the train or off the train when the murder happened so you know we only have this amount of suspects we are gonna have to whittle down to who it can be this is fabulous this is so good I would say it can get very confusing because there are so many characters I made loads of notes there are loads of people to keep track of so I made a this is all the characters and sometimes you are not given names until that person is introduced to Poirot because prior is telling you about the surroundings and everything that’s happening.

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So you might get neat English man maybe a valet that kind of thing because pros assessing everyone and then, later on, you will be like oh that’s who he’s talking about so it’s very much fill in the blanks for my notes I made so many notes because I am one of those people that likes to try and work out who the murderer is and write down all the little clues how I get my kicks I love it so there are some great things in this that I love that I have not seen in other I got the Christie things but I have not read all that Agatha Christie but one thing that I loved was the tragic backstory there’s a tragic backstory in nemesis that I love and that is when Agatha Christie writes a backstory. 

There Havanese and years ago that relates to one of the people within the story and so you have got this separate story that you are finding out about but then you are still trying to work out who the murderer is in the present-day story love that I loved the tragic backstory I thought was fantastic and then I also loved the clues were actual things so people had witnessed someone wearing a valets uniform and then they would witness a red kimono so you were trying to work out who had the red kimono and no one could work. 

It out no one had the red kimono and long could work out who it belonged to who was wearing that kimono what’s going on with the kimono I loved everything she did with that I loved those also I am not going to spoil it there was smoking paraphernalia that was left in the room and it must have been left by the killer and so Perez trying to work out who smoked that thing and he was just asking them subtle questions but you know it was leading to the bigger picture this is such a great Agatha Christie. 


I made my own little list I just loved it like I cannot stop talking about it enough it’s so good it’s amazing so I highly highly recommend this if you go out and read it let me know and this is the end of the blog and don’t forget to comment below.

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