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Citron - Crested Cockatoos: All About Nutrition, Training, Care, Diseases And Treatments

ISBN: 9781532956249
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: 2016-04-27
Number of pages: 146
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"Citron - Crested Cockatoos: All About Nutrition, Training, Care, Diseases And Treatments", 146 pages paperback edition with color interior. From this book you will learn how to understand your parrot`s behavior to avoid situation of biting, how to understand your parrot`s body language, how to teach them to talk, what steps you must follow if your bird is escaping and you want to bring it back, how to hand feed a baby parrot and many interesting things. This book also presents the possible diseases that Citron - Crested Cockatoos may encounter in their lives and the treatments we need to apply when these situations occur. By understanding how these diseases affect our birds, we can always prevent, recognize and cure them. This book contains the following chapters: Citron - Crested Cockatoos Description Areas of a Citron - Crested Cockatoo Character Lifespan How to choose the right bird General criteria How to purchase a healthy bird Life with cage birds Preparing your house for the new arrived bird The transportation of the bird The new arrived bird's diet The main diet of Citron - Crested Cockatoos How to train your bird Talking and training How to teach your bird not to bite Learn to observe your bird`s body language The anatomy of Citron - Crested Cockatoos Respiratory organs Digestive components Urinary tract organs Genital organs The eyes The ears Cold season, hot season How to care of your bird in cold season How to care of your bird in hot season Cleaning your bird's house Cages and accessories Cage location Cages Aviaries Roofing Toys and accessories Breeding How to maintain your bird's health The first sign of disease Few advices about how to keep your bird healthy How to recognize the abnormal droppings Feather picking and self-mutilation Molting How to choose the right avian vet What should you know, when you inform your vet How to catch and manipulate your bird without hurting it How to take care of the beak and the nails of your bird How to clip your bird`s wings Bathing your bird The special needs of the bird Flying exercises Bedding materials The everyday life of birds Inappropriate perches Microchipping your bird What you can do if your bird escapes outside How to prevent the escape What you can do if your bird has already escaped First aid kit for your bird How to hand feed a baby Citron - Crested Cockatoo How to administer medication to your bird Adding medication in drinking water Adding medication in food Liquid medication (Suspensions) Injectable medication Vitamins and minerals excess or deficiency Trauma at birds Poor general condition Forced feeding Skin and feather problems Massive molting Soft molting French molting Xanthomas (Fatty tumors) Inflammation of the skin (Dermatitis) Skin tumors (Lipomas) Parasites External parasites The depluming itch mite (Cnemidocoptes gallinae) Scaly Leg mite (Cnemidocoptes mutans) Dermanyssus gallinae The air sac mites (Cytodites nudus) Internal parasites Gapeworm (Syngamus Trachea) Trichomoniasis (Trichomonas gallinae) Histomoniasis Eimeria (Coccidiosis) Ascariasis Toxoplasmosis and more...

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