How to Create a Recipe for the Books

How to Create a Recipe for the Books

The purpose of recipes the world over is more than simple ‘how to cook’ instruction. People search for recipes to try ingredients they’ve never had before, or to find out healthier ways to eat their favorite meals. 

A recipe is a doorway to tell you how to do something better, easier, or with fewer calories. How to take something from bland to brilliant. 

Cooking, cookbooks, and having a fire food blog means big business. Do it like the pros. Find out here how to create a recipe for the books.

Do Your Research 

A recipe or cookbook starts with a tasty thought that transforms into something entirely different down the line. 

The trick before you start is to do your research. You might have a great idea for a certain type of fish or meat, but doing research into how that type of fish or meat is ideally cut or what it shouldn’t be paired with is a good starting point. 

Finding recipes that are out there already can help you form a basic plan for the recipes you want to create, find a few for the main ingredient you have in mind, and use them to create your recipe roadmap. How long are they generally cooked for? Do people brown or braise the meat first? Are there consistent ingredients added throughout? 

Get Really, Really Creative 

If you’re after trying to create something unique and totally different, then you need to get crazy and get creative! 

Take existing recipes and use them for guidance, instead of using sugar as they tell you to, try using something else perhaps syrup or treacle. Really change it up and experiment creatively. This is how you discover the best-kept secrets when it comes to creating amazing recipes. 

Remember, there are common ingredient substitutes, but you’ll be looking for something a little more out of ordinary. 

Making Preparations to be Busy

When you’re going to go ahead and make your own recipes, you need to be prepared for one thing: a messy kitchen! You’ll need to start with the basics, and you’re going to cook that piece once, twice, and three times. 

And then you’re going to clean up, and you’re going to start all over again. Tweaking the amounts of garlic, ginger, and sugar that you add. Then you’re going to clean up, and you’re going to start again! And you’re going to add new ingredients that you didn’t add the first time. This leads us to our last tip! 

Write Every, Single Thing Down 

You’re going to want to get a new notepad, preferably a non-stick hardcover, and keep it in the kitchen with you. Get a pen that’s comfortable behind your ear, or clips conveniently into your apron. 

And then? Write every, single thing that you do, from start to finish. 

Not only the way you prepare, slice, dice and chop things. But the amounts that you use, the order in which you added them, and everything in between. 

Make a Final Copy of Your Recipe

Now you’re ready! Take all your oil-dripped notes, coffee-stained and torn, and start to organize them into a logical fashion. After re-creating your recipe a few times, maybe even a couple hundred, you’ll know which one is your favorite and which one will be the winner. 

The best way to showcase what you’ve come up with? Consider recipe cards as an amazing way to create your recipe. 

Now You Know How to Create a Recipe

Now that you know how to create a recipe, you’re aware of the process and you’re ready to rock and roll. 

Strap on that apron and get to work, keep all your notes in order, and be consistent. Try not to forget any of the steps, that way you won’t have to retrace your steps if you drop the ball

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If you need to know what herbs are great for what, read up on herb articles in my blog and use it as a resource for your recipes! 

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