Honest review of Red white and royal blue Book Download (PDF)

Honest review of Red white and royal blue Book Download (PDF)

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Hello, my name is Brandon roy, and welcome back to my new blog so today I wanted to make a spoiler-free review of the red white and royal blue book and if you’re not familiar with what this book is about this is a romance book between the son of the president of the united states and the prince of England.

About the Book

Now, I’m giving an honest review of this book that relates to the romance books that I haven’t read before I try to pick up the one that seems like it’s going to be the best from all the ones I haven’t read before and this one was kind of the ones that were up there based on the hype and everything I’ve heard about it so anyway I picked it up and I’m not sad to say that I am going to be another reviewer who says that even though I expected it to be good because of all the hype it was better than I thought it was going to be so let’s get straight into why I thought it was amazing first.

I happened to be all for these two characters they were so adorable I loved everything about their personality-wise and because this book is a little bit larger than most romance books that I read I mean this one was only 400 pages but it felt like it went far sometimes romance books feel quick and even though I read this in a single day and it was an extremely enjoyable day for me.

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I felt like this book went far it takes place over a little bit over a year and you feel the growth there it doesn’t feel too rushed or that you didn’t get enough information like I feel like it was paced out extremely well and like besides for the fact that it obviously had a great romance because it’s a romance book and therefore because I’m saying I liked it I obviously enjoyed the romance but this was different than I expected it to be you know when you go into a romance

And, I had no idea who you were turned into lovers and throughout the book, you’re kind of following their story of falling in love one way or another, and then right before the end of the book something happened and you go like 10 steps back and then the end of the book is okay now I’ll be together happily ever after so with that said this book was slightly different than I thought it was going to be I thought it was gonna be more of we’re gonna read the book and watch them fall in love but it was more of like them churning from enemies to friends

The book was like an actual romance like you’re actually watching them fall deeper and deeper in love and I very much enjoyed that it was a little bit different than the regular romance book I picked up and it just made you fall in love with characters so much more because you really got to see them both being aware that they love each other and obviously there’s like stuff that goes on and like you know they’re you know dealing with feelings.

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Red white and royal blue Book
Red white and royal blue Book PDF

Brief Summary Of End Story

I was feeling about it but then after about 100 pages Like things really like turn around and then it was like zoom ahead I loved this book so I will admit and say that this was a little bit of a rocky start for me but it could have been because of all the hype and at the beginning of the book you’re kind of dealing with like a lot more of like the political base of the book like you’re getting to know a lot about the characters and their lives and how they fit into politics and all of that sort of stuff.

because of that, I think that I was a little bit pulled out of the story because I’m not such a political person but once the romance and you know them two coming together like started to pick up I was all for this book so it slow start amazing middle and end of the book so even though it had a bad beginning I’m not letting that deter me from giving this an amazing five-star review so overall absolutely love this book nothing bad I can really say other than the fact that if you’re not into politics and you don’t enjoy reading things about like politics and like anything to do with politics.


 If you haven’t read it yet if you plan to put it on your Suggestion I’d love to chat about it down in The comment section is below and if you enjoyed this review please share and like always thank you so much for reading this blog I really appreciate it and until next time enjoy reading.

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