Read review: Rich Dad Poor Dad pdf download

Read review: Rich Dad Poor Dad pdf download

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Hey, guys welcome back to my Blog my name is Brandon and I am going to be doing a full book review of Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad from 1997 apparently the number one personal finance book of all time so what I am going to do today is talk about what this books about without going too much Suspense.

About the Book

Now let’s get started with this review so first up I want to talk about what the book is actually about now this book is for just everyday people that are looking to increase their knowledge and their intelligence around finances so this book is a very very good book at explaining personal finance how you should approach your own finances what you should be doing with your money what you should not be doing with your money and overall how can you use your money to then get wealthy so Robert Kiyosaki is very very good at explaining the the traits and the characteristics. 

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Rich dad poor dad pdf

You will need to become a wealthy person that you need to work on and develop and he also talks a lot about why the poor stay poor while the middle-class stay in the middle class and why the rich stay rich and they just keep getting richer so he explains how each of the different classes their mindset towards money is actually what locks them into that class and it’s very hard for them to escape unless they start to think and You also find pdf in rich dad poor dad pdf drive as the rich people do because all the rich people generally speaking think the same way about money and use the money to make them more money so he talks a lot about the mindset.

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The traits and the characteristics and what you actually have to do with your money to become a wealthy person and to become a rich person what you actually have to do money to make it into more money for yourself so he explains things like assets and liabilities his definition and wealth creators definition of assets and liabilities he talks about how he’s made his money through real estate investing and stock market investing and he explains it all in really easy to understand terms.

It’s not a very thick book it’s only two hundred and something pages and it’s quite an easy read it will not take you very long to get through this but the stuff in here is is is very very straightforward and it is quite profound and you also find during the book littered throughout he actually gives specific examples of his own life and actually demonstrates the examples that he has actually used to help him create his wealth. 

So it’s not like he is just telling you what to do and pulling it out of thin air he will actually talk about the ways that he has used a certain strategy or a certain mindset to then go and earn himself more money so it’s quite a valuable book in that regard so next up I will just have a quick chat about who the author is so Robert Kiyosaki is an American businessman and author so he wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad return in 1997 when he has come in Rich Dad brand and it’s the first in the sequence of Rich Dad books so the guy behind the book Robert Kiyosaki has built his wealth predominantly. 

Through real estate investing and also stock market investing and he also goes on throughout his book and talks about how you can build wealth through owning a business and that sort of thing so the guy behind the book has definitely done it himself he is definitely a very wealthy man and he definitely knows what he’s talking about with personal finance he’s been a financial educator for a very long time now and even though this book is so old he still always when he was talking when he’s doing his courses.

Author talks about when he does interviews and that sort of thing he’s always talking about the principles that are explained in this book so this is kind of where he started and then he can send it well he had built his wealth by the time he’s written this book and then since then he’s just become furthermore a financial educator so it’s now sold 20 as of 2016 it sold twenty-six million copies worldwide so it’s certainly a highly regarded book.


It was released in 1997 so you can pick it up for just you know ten dollars it’s a great book and it’s definitely worth the money So if you read this book Online then download the Pdf guys but that is it for today guys feel free to contact us if you like these blogs and don’t forget to Comment below.

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