Book Review:- Seven days in June By Tia Williams | Get PDF

Book Review:- Seven days in June By Tia Williams | Get PDF

Seven days in june

Book Synopsis- Fifteen years to forget, seven days to fall in love, and seven days still needed to back it all again. Mesmerize hugely satisfying, electrifying, and alive Romance 

Seven days in June- An aspiring, electrifying romantic and highly satisfying book written by Tia Williams is a story of two authors Brooklynite Eva Mercy and Shane Hall who met unexpectedly in a literary event. Eva Mercy is a single mom, a best-selling erotic writer, and had a devoted Fanbase. A National Book Award Winner, enigmatic, Shane Hall who was also a mentor surprised everyone with his reclusive yet much inspiring stories in New York. 15 years ago, an undeniable bond was created between Genevieve Mercier and Shane Hall.

Later as time passes, Genevieve Mercier moved from city to city, boyfriend to boyfriend, on the other side Shane hall fosters home to home amid experiencing detention. A lot of decades and a half of change turned around a completely new persona of Genevieve Mercier and she became an erotic writer. On the day of the encounter, when they first met, neither they show a feeling for each other once, spending one toroid crazy week in mad love or the fact that they were writing, fantasizing about one another through these years. One thing that keeps them intact, and closely connected is their electrifying chemistry 

In the next seven days of steamy Brooklyn summer, Eva and Shane reconnected, but Eva’s dilemma caused a chain of doubts, instantly she doesn’t know how to trust the guy who wanted him out of the city such that she could have a normal life. But before Shane disappeared again, she wants a few unquestionable answers,

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Tia William attempted to create a perfect balance between romance, hot, humour, a sense of desire, and social concern to make her novel more erotic, full of surprises, and unexpectedly romantic than ever. Whether Eva or Shane, the Characters appeared quite complex but not canned. The commentary on the current issues holds the tendency to tell people about black people suffering spot on in some places. In all sense Tia William tried to communicate life is too short to live in the past, and we must forgive each and move on. 

A keen observation of Tia William of America’s creative life has turned the novel sexy, and hilarious and thrown light on two people characters who find the second love in a flood of doubts and mistrust. 

Overall it can be said Seven days in June by Tia Williams drew tragic romance from teenager to adulthood and shows the fate brings people together. Back to the review, the novel is getting swept in the world of Tia Williams, defined by the vivid relationship between Eva and her tween daughter Audre. Some of the things said by Audre are precocious things that made you laugh out loud. Being a mother is a hard chapter Eva has to learn amid sharing love with Shane. 

A version of Seven days in June PDF is available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Reads.


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