Book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson review

Book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson review

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson review

Hello, Geturbooks family I am going to kick off today’s blog with a quote and the quote states that the people Who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do that came from the apples think different campaign which launched in 1997 today’s book tip is going to come from Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson review this is one of my all-time favorite biographies.

I really love Walter Isaacson I think he’s extremely detailed and thorough and I also love Steve Jobs to me he is an icon as an entrepreneur and in the technology space and I use all of his products still to this day including the one that’s recording this blog it’s great to learn about the people who created the technology that we currently use and starting at the very beginning Steve Jobs started Apple.

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Steve Jobs parent’s garage and he built it to the world’s most valuable company how inspiring is that for aspiring entrepreneurs which many of us are in the book thinkers community we aspire to build businesses right and this Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson provides an excellent framework but also it sets the right expectation that it’s a very very messy process Steve Jobs was very flawed as a leader but because of his flaws he was able to build Apple to what it is today so there’s a lot of different reasons.

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I love this book but the number one reason is that Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson embodies somebody who is the perfect intersection between creativity and technology back when Steve Jobs kicked off Apple those were two words that did not mesh well together creativity technology those do not fit but Steve made them fit and he did it in a relentless way he had the highest of expectations.

He would scream and yell but also cry every single week for years while he was building this company for 30 years straight he lived a life where he had certain expectations that other people might not have been able to live up to but because of that, he was able to build such a fantastic company I think about personal smartphone revolution that we have all experienced the iPhone only came out in 2007 here we are 13 years later we use our phones forever I used my phone to set an alarm clock to wake up in the morning to post on Instagram and interact with tens of thousands of people.


I used my phone to do my job pretty much-calling people texting people using social media to create relationships I used my phone as a flashlight I used my phone to research any topic that I might want to look at I used my phone to daydream and to look at destinations that I would like to travel to and learn more about them I use my phone for everything I also use my computer it’s the main piece of how I do business and without Steve Jobs and none of that would have been possible so I just want to give a big thank you to Steve Jobs and Walter Isaacson for detailing his life in this book Steve you created amazing products and I hope that you know that up there and with that, I will end today’s Blog I would really really really encourage you go through this experience it is absolutely worth your time.

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