Ten Top Tips for Acing IB Mathematics

Ten Top Tips for Acing IB Mathematics

IB mathematics

IB Mathematics! How do we start? IB mathematics is an endless critical topic that every student needs to face.

Here are some tips that will help the students select an ace in the exams.

  1. Take your decision carefully.

Every student hears a very important line: “Think before you choose.” And that majorly applies to math. As I mentioned, IB math is a crucial subject. It attracts those who have fallen in love with it. But what about others? Major careers are connected with math unless you want a future, not about science. Where science comes, math follows. Therefore, know your interests and know the subjects which interest you. Please make a list of it and accordingly take your decision.

      2. Be prepared before your startup.

Students start math with weaknesses. With basic mistakes in algebra or weak calculations method, students don’t think this is a problem. But it is a problem. Make a list of your weaknesses and start preparing to convert the weakness into priorities. Google your problems, and try to find the solutions. You can buy an IB mathematics course online also. Study it and be prepared to face math problems.

      3. Fight between the levels.

Once you are prepared for the course, the next fight is which level to look for, HL or SL. to decide this, your career choice plays an important role. Suppose you want to get into a university that requires math as a major subject, then go for HL, and if the university wants math as just a subject, go for SL. Here even your interest plays an important role. If your understanding is good in math, opt for HL; otherwise, be an ace in SL.

      4. From time to time, practice.

Practice is the keyword for IB math. Practice daily. Your daily practice will help you understand the topics in a better way. Not only that, the topics you were lagging in, you have a chance to restore it. Thus your practice will pay you during the exams.

       5. Keep a habit of making handwritten notes.

While practicing, always jot down the important notes. That will help you during the exams, as for exam preparation you don’t have much time to find important points. At that time, these bundles of important notes become your savior. And always write these notes. The written notes make an effective impact on your brain compared to other references. Thus when revising, the points easily come to your brain.

          6.  Get a good hold on graphic calculators.

Math is all about calculations. And it’s not as simple as it was in grade 1. It would be best if you had speed with accuracy. And that accuracy you will get from graphic calculators. Learn every calculator button so that you don’t face any problems during the exams.

            7. Remove all the disturbance till the exams.

Remove all kinds of distractions till the exams. Stop all the video game times and gossip times and focus on working hard.

Distractions take up the time because they are fun to do, ultimately taking up your time and energy, leaving no time to study. 

             8. Constant working with the subject.

Constant working, study and time are required with math. Things won’t work out if you give just one day a week and rest days you relax. Well, math is such a subject that requires routine follow-up. Practice every day will not only help you make a more rigid grip on the subjects but even clears some doubts and not forget, your solving speed also increases.

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             9. If facing problems, get yourself a tutor.

Don’t feel ashamed if you don’t understand anything. Your classmates have come to learn just like you. And you have tutors to make you understand. Thus don’t hesitate to ask for help from your tutors.

They always feel delighted to help you, guide you and push you ahead. 

             10. Be prepared to work hard.

IB Math is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of hard work and practice, not to forget dedication. Therefore pull up your socks and be prepared mentally and physically to work hard.

The bottom line.

IB Mathematics isn’t a subject that you need to be scared off. Just follow the tips, and you can ace the subject smartly.

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