The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth | Get PDF

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth | Get PDF

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth

Are you thinking about yourself, not in terms of looking beautiful, I mean in terms of growing yourself as a confident human being? You must read this book if you want to grow step by step by rectifying your all mistakes, which you are doing yourself. Every time listening to Affirmation doesn’t work sometimes you need to go step by step to find the hurdles you are facing in nurturing yourself. This book holds 15 vital points which are required for your growth. The author is highly motivated in presenting his thoughts, he wants to convey his all-important message by keeping each set separate.

 Let’s find an important message in each law.

1.  The Law of Intentionality: Do you believe in magic? I want to stay your work will be done without any effort. This can never happen until you plan for your growth. Intentionally you have to build the baby steps for your growth and build up your life in a better way.

Some gaps don’t allow you to grow further, these are misconceptions in our minds and it makes your step towards intentional growth that are as follows:

·  The assumption gap: You assume, that you will grow yourself without putting in any effort.

· The knowledge gap: You are not aware of how to take small steps to move ahead in your growing direction.

·  The Timing gap: In search of time, this is the biggest done by people to make their growth stop.

· The Mistake gap: Mistakes help you to learn a lot. When you are afraid of making mistakes at that time you are putting a full stop to your growth.

· The Perfection gap: Several calculations you do before your start working on your goals, avoid this. Start from today and just now.

· The Inspiration gap: For every small work you need a kind of inspiration to carry out your work. This kills your inner willingness to do work.

·  The comparison gap: The worst thing is that you start comparing yourself with others. You must understand every individual has potential.

·  The Expectation gap: When you start assuming that this one is far better than that one. You will deteriorate yourself.

“Work actively, passionately, and consistently to scale up high”.

2.  The Law of Awareness: You must know yourself so that you can grow yourself. Yes, this is one of the important factors, where you need to find your strong and weak points yourself. You should work on your flaws to make yourself better for the coming life ahead. To go ahead to your destination, you must know where are you right now and where you want to go. These two things are important to move ahead otherwise you will get lost in your path.

“Be aware things which you want to do in your life can make you unique and rare”.

3.  The Law of Mirror: You must see value in yourself to add value to yourself. People who love to be transparent about themselves first will know their worth, and then they will work for it. You should avoid the fear that you can’t do, have faith in yourself and move ahead with your inner voice you will and you can do.

4.  The Law of Reflection: Learn to pause and think about what is the next step to go ahead.  You need to be significant and sincere about your work. If a thought came to your mind that you are not on the right way, stop there and make corrections and move ahead with the corrected path.

5.  The Law of Consistency: Consistency and transparency make your path easy. The biggest mantra of growth and success is the consistency required in your work, with full dedication. It means when you are working daily for improving yourself, it means you are creating opportunities and expanding yourself to the new horizon.

6.  The Law of Environment Growth: Changing the environment comes out successful when you are ready to change yourself. You must answer some of the questions. Do you need to change the environment for your betterment? You will breathe more calmly and happily after doing so? Find the answers and move ahead. Stay away from toxicity and breathe deep in the fresh air.

7.  The Law of Design: Develop strategies for growth. You have to be sure about your plans for working better in your future. Without designing you can’t make a video gamehow could you think about growth in your life?

8.  The Law of Pain: Without pain, there is no gain. Think about it and put an effort to make your pain gain by working actively for your futuristic plans.

9.  The Law of Ladder: Right movement from inwards definitely will make you better from outwards. You must work from the inside, if this works you will be better from the outside. The inner soul makes difference in your works, not your outer look.

10.  The Law of the Rubber Band:Stretching daily yourself a bit makes you more flexiblein your life.  Go ahead daily with the flexibility in your work sometimes extend the hours more or sometimes make it short.

11.  The Law of Trade-Offs: Sacrifices are needed to build yourself. If you don’t want to get out of your comfort zone again you are making your path more difficult for growth in your life. Develop skills not be in the world of overconfidence that you know everything.

12.  The Law of Curiosity: Ask why. As much as you can to find the answer. Working without curiosity is just like walking on the road and you don’t know where to go. This way can create a good way of your life.

13.  The Law of Modelling:Chose a mentor in your life. You require someone at the point in time who can guide you to be on the right path, where to stop, and where to go ahead. You will find yourself in a better situation.

14.  The Law of Expansion:  Growth always expands your capacity. You don’t know your potential until you face the situation. For growing you will need to expand in different situations. This expansion is worthy for your whole life.

15.  The Law of Contribution: Growing yourself leads to the growth of others. Put all your efforts into doing better and this gives you chances to help others to become better. You must help others in doing better through your life lessons during growing periods.

“Read such feeds of growth, you will definitely grow ahead and lead”.


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