Book Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne Pdf Download

Book Review: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne Pdf Download

If a book has enemies to lovers you can sign me up immediately hey guys it’s Brandon welcome back to my blog today I am here to bring you a spoiler-free review of the hating game by Sally Thorne so the hating game by Sally thorn isn’t a dark contemporary romance and it follows the story of Lucy and Josh who absolutely hate each other he can’t stand her because she’s so quirky and happy and bubbly and she can’t stand him because he’s so charmer and so serious and the two have been playing these passive-aggressive tit-for-tat games across.

About the Story

The office in the workplace for quite a long time and the story starts when they both have to fight for a promotion and the story really goes on from there because these two characters are very competitive they continue to play their little tip that is passive-aggressive games and it all comes to a head and we all know that there is a fine line between love and hate so as far as what I felt about the book it is gonna be really interesting to kind of dissect this book and analyze it and really kind of explore. 

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The hating game Pdf
The hating game Pdf

I felt about it and why because it does seem that a lot of people who have read this book are very very much into camps people are absolutely loving it or people are just like the hating game by Sally Thorne pdf is terrible and I hate it and I actually sit somewhere in the middle and I’m gonna explain to you why so we may as well start with the good stuff I’m gonna tell you about what I liked I liked the chemistry between Lucy and Josh I really felt like it was genuine I understood why they hate each other it felt very much like they had kind of got stuck in this we hate each other thing but actually deep down you knew of course that they didn’t because this is a romance so of course you know there’s a fine line between love and hate etcetera.

 It felt very much that they had got caught up in this game that neither of them really knew how to end and I really really liked that aspect I felt like they had good chemistry I liked the witty dialogue I liked the back-and-forth communication between the two I really really enjoyed their interactions something else I really liked is that it was very visual I could really imagine the scenes of the hating game by Sally Thorne pdf they were very descriptive and it felt very much to be a little bit like I was reading a rom-com you know I could very much see this being a film one day and I actually said this on some form of social media I’m not sure which it was whether it was Twitter or Instagram actually since finishing the book I found out that they are actually making it into a film.

 I’m really excited about that because it very much has this film-like quality to it I can see the intro like I feel like I can see the opening credits of this film and I don’t know if any of you have ever seen the Bronco Just Married is one of most favorite rom-com’s of all time and the beginning when they’re coming down the stairs and it’s like they’ve come back from the honeymoon and they hate each other and then, of course, the hating game by Sally Thorne goes like back in time and tells you the full story those opening credits. 

When they’re like hating each other and like she throws chewing gum into his hair and he pushes a trolley so she falls over and like all these different things when they’re kind of playing the spiteful tit-for-tat passive-aggressive like games I feel like I could see that intro you know for the hating game I could see them walking really fast down a corridor and this really like upbeat music playing and they’re elbowing each other and they’re just trying to get to the coffee machine first that sort of thing and I just I feel like it’s very very visual and I feel like it’s very funny in its dialogue I really like the dialogue in this book it was witty it was amusing and yeah I can see it being a really really great film also get the hating game by Sally Thorne pdf.

Now I can’t talk about these things fully in this spoiler-free video but what I will say is that there were things that were quite inconsistent about Lucy’s behavior and I know that the setup of this story is like hate to love so, of course, she’s gonna bounce back between those emotions quite a lot like I really like this guy, no I don’t I hate him oh I think I’m falling for him and then he does something and remind you of like this person that you hate bla bla but there were times when Lucy would say something and then literally nothing would happen to change her mind and then she literally flipped back and it would be quite jarring to me as a reader.

I also felt like while I did like Lucy and Josh they were also a little bit cliche they were a little bit two-dimensional as characters and that’s not necessarily a bad thing you know it is a contemporary romance sometimes you know you have those typical character roles and they fit into them but I don’t know it was a little bit like Lucy is you know this short quirky person and she literally told us that she is sure about 50 million times and it was just a little bit excessive it was like I’m sure I’m sure it’s like okay we get it you sure like calm down there were also things about Josh that I found a little bit I where necessary so difficult to read but I found a little bit uncomfortable because there were times that he behaved in a way that just made me absolutely love him and then he would do something that was very possessive and he’d do it at a time which didn’t make sense to me and like I don’t mind so much that he did this possessive thing but I want Lucy to acknowledge that he did this possessive thing we have also the hating game by Sally thorne pdf.

The situation is acknowledged and dealt with whereas it felt like it was skimmed over a little bit and I don’t really like that in books if a character behaves in a way that is possessive and like what would be in the real world as a red flag I want that acknowledged in the book and I didn’t really feel like I’ve got that but then on the flip side there were times that these two characters were interacting and I was absolutely rooting for them and I love them and I wanted them to get together and I couldn’t put the book down and also read another love story man’s search for meaning pdf download.


If you like a review of the hating game by Sally Thorne and also you’ve read this book and you want to share your opinions on I urge you to do so let me know how you felt about the book in the comment section down below thank you so much for watching this video if you did enjoy please consider subscribing and giving me a thumbs up because you know that kind of thing makes my day thank you so much for reading my blog.

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