Book Review- The Hating Game by Sally Thorne |Get Pdf

Book Review- The Hating Game by Sally Thorne |Get Pdf

the hating game pdf

I truly liked and would strongly suggest “The Hating Game by Sally Thorne”. The book is often simple to read, which is generally highly important. The story wasn’t particularly dry in a noticeable way, but it was overall captivating and to the point. I didn’t want to truly turn it aside in a significant way.

The two issues I have with the novel as a whole are however by the conclusion of the story, readers generally don’t see what happens genuinely next or even get a glimpse-or so they assumed what is to come. Contrary to popular thought, I would have preferred an epilogue or one more chapter to make the story feel overall more complete. This would have shown that I didn’t want to put it down, in part because I didn’t want it to stop abruptly. Second, I didn’t particularly like how frequently one of the characters’ bodies has been mentioned, so I would have preferred one usually more chapter or an epilogue to make the whole thing feel somewhat more generally complete rather than an abrupt ending, demonstrating that I didn’t want to put it down in a subtly implied way.

Lucy usually accuses Joshua of objectification at some time, or so they believed. While I mostly liked Joshua’s boundary and how he called Lucy out on it, I would have preferred to see the lines and pages where the objectifying was primarily happening used to kind of wrap up the ending more. 

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The novel contains references to intimate acts and sexual references. If you normally feel uncomfortable reading those, this book might not be the right choice for you in a significant sense. Even though it doesn’t go into great depth about intimate moments as most romance books do, people generally believed that it does mention and briefly cover such moments we have also The Hating Game pdf.

I particularly liked how Josh and Lucy’s characters developed over time, showing that while this romance novel does not contain typically intimate situations like some other romance sagas, it does highlight and incorporate that in a minor but ultimately significant way. The author skillfully avoided seeming preachy or unflattering while still conveying some quite significant realizations. There were also times when, as a reader, I would effectively exclaim, “I can’t believe you did that!” This gave me the impression that the character’s journey was more realistic than perfectionism-based, which is generally extremely crucial. It was fascinating and to the point, but the tale didn’t feel overly dry in a significant sense, and I enjoyed watching as the characters in The Hating Game by Sally throne pdf occasionally acted awkwardly. I kind of liked it when Lucy would pause in mid-sentence and change what she had originally intended to say in the inner conversation; as a result, I found the book to be quite simple to read. I found it admirable how the seemingly common queries, errors, and corrections, along with apologies, were carried out in a way that didn’t subtly glamorize suffering or ignorance.


Overall, because it avoided the toxicity or evil side commonly connected with this trope, which is rather crucial, this book was truly a superb example of foes to lovers. Contrary to popular assumption, I often advocate choosing this as a getaway read or as a book to break up what you’re reading right now. I recommend picking up The Hating Game pdf as a vacation read or as a book to mostly break up what you’re reading now because it helped me break out of my reading slump. This is pretty contrary to what most people think, but I particularly recommend picking this as a vacation mostly read or as a book to break up what you’re reading now.


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