Book Review: The love hypothesis and Pdf Download

Book Review: The love hypothesis and Pdf Download


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About the author:

Ali Hazelwood is a well-educated lady from Italy, who has lived in Japan and Germany and then shifted to the US to excel in her education, where she pursued Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Currently, she is employed as a professor and writes novels about women in STEM. She debuted with The Love Hypothesis, the book was a New York Times bestseller. She is an incredible natural storyteller, every story that she pens presents you with a unique experience.  


If you are one of those who love rom-com, then this book is for you. The Love Hypothesis is among those books that will make you believe in love again. The Love Hypothesis pivots around a third-year Stanford University Ph.D. candidate Olive Smith. Olive’s cheesy rom-com journey, who doesn’t believe in enduring relationships, but her bestie does, and that’s what got her in trouble. Olive’s bestie Anh has a crush on Jeremy, who has been Olive’s ex-boyfriend. Anh thinks that Olive hasn’t gotten over Jeremy, but Olive wants her friend to try her luck in Love, but there is an obstacle that her love life is barren than the deserts. However, one fine day, Olive panics and kisses the first man she comes across whilst Anh walks by her, precisely to prove to Anh that she is over Jeremy. 

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The man she kissed was none other than Adam Carlsen, who is a successful biology professor. Which you might enjoy from a nerdy in STEM. Adam is feared by every student because he is cold and ruthless. To clear the air Olive requests Adam to propose a fake relationship, the professor agrees to be her fake boyfriend, as it would help Adam convince Stanford that he is not leaving and gets his research funds unfrozen. The duo decided to play the charade in the hope that it would come to fruition. Little did she know that this pseudo-relationship would bring her innumerable drama.

Olive’s area of study is biomarkers for pancreatic cancer. Her mother died from pancreatic cancer as a result of the late discovery. Olive devoted her life to the disease so that others do not bereave. To excel in the research she required a better-equipped lab, Olive appealed to numerous universities, but none respond but Tom Benton from Harvard.

Meanwhile, the charade of the relationship still sails in campus. Tom visits Stanford, Olive meets him and outlines her research idea. Subsequently, Tom gets a research report from Olive as requested, and then he accepts her into his lab.

Olive and Adam go for coffee dates every Wednesday, she enjoys the fake dates way too much and keeps drooling over his six packs. But the infamous professor from hell always treats her with care and respect,  and it seems like he is enjoying the moments with her as well.

Could she be brave enough to confess her feelings to him? What if she has to risk a broken heart?


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