Book review: The silent patient pdf Download

Book review: The silent patient pdf Download

The silent patient pdf

Hey, it is Brandon roy about the library with a small book review breakdown of my most recent read and that is the thriller mystery character study that is the silent patient by Alex Michael Eady’s right off the bat one thing this book does are really well and why it is so popular right now is it perfectly strikes that black spooky vibe that a many of readers.

About the Story

Now’ are looking for I am still reeling from the ending of this book it is definitely one that is justifiably known for its twists the book is told from two perspectives so you have Theo he is a psychologist and then you have Alicia and she is the silent patient she has gone silent since being charged with the murder of her husband Theo takes a job just so he can work with Alicia. 

He wants to get down to the bottom of her case he wants to figure out what’s going on in there why is she silent did she really murder her husband if not then why is she not defending herself and if she did why to go silent what I am like a thing that kind of pulled me out of the like suspension of disbelief is how many privacy violations there are just like right off the bat mess book everyone is gonna need a lawyer plot-wise so We have another best book that you have to read When breath becomes air by Paul Kallanithi

This is a book that goes spoilery very quickly I am somewhere between three and four stars on this read I really enjoy parts of it but it also just really frustrated me part of the reason I am having a hard time I think it that I read this for book club and so when I finished it I was annoyed and this was like solidly a three-star read for me I did enjoy parts of it but that ending just totally threw me off and after going to book.

The Club and talking to five other women who loved it I was more towards a fourth like I can see why at the peeling I listened to this book which I would not recommend for this one I think that this is a better book to read because when the twist happens and so much to me of the enjoyment of this book is built into those twists and if you are not there for them you might not like me enjoy 

But it as much as other readers but because I was listening to the book when the twists happened all I wanted to do is go back to the beginning of the book and try and figure out if it really works it took me so off guard which is great for a twist but it’s almost to the point where you feel like you were it is so hard for me to explain without spoilers why it did not work for me and I would hate to ruin this book for anyone I think it’s just that this is a very specific kind of twist and if you are there for it if you like it then you are gonna love this book but if like me it’s not your thing then 


If you have read the silent patient comment down below let me know what you thought of the twist if you have not read it keep in mind the discussion is going to get very spoiler but if you have not read it comment down below and let me know a book with a twist that you did not see coming at all thank you so much for reading my blog have a great day.

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