Novel Summary:- The Song of Achilles By Madeline Miller

Novel Summary:- The Song of Achilles By Madeline Miller


The novel “The Song of Achilles” is written by Madeline Miller, an American novelist. She spent ten years writing “The Song of Achilles” while working as a teacher of Latin and Greek. The novel, “The Song of Achilles” was first published in September 2011. It is based on the relationship between ancient Greek Trojan war heroes Achilles and Patroclus.

The novel begins with Patroclus narrating the story of his birth and his early childhood. He is the Son of King Menoetius, to whom Patroclus was disappointed. When Patroclus was 9 years old, he was brought to the court of Tyndareus by Menoetius as a suitor for his daughter Helen’s hand in marriage. At the age of 10, Patroclus accidentally killed a nobleman’s son and was exiled which brings him to Phthia, where he meets Achilles, son of King Peleus, and Thetis, a nymph. Achilles and Patroclus’ friendship grew up and later turns into romance as they grow into adolescence. But Thetis doesn’t approve of their relationship because she believes that a mortal of such little renown is not a suitable companion for her son, who is fated to glory.

In the end, Achilles kills more and more Trojans as the war continues and he was finally killed by Paris, King Priam’s son who had taken Helen, when Paris shoots Achilles with an arrow. Achilles and Patroclus reunite joyfully in the afterlife.  

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