Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife Novel | Get PDF

Review: The Time Traveler’s Wife Novel | Get PDF

Hey guys today I am going to be really well can I have just a really today I am going to be reviewing the Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger in truth I talked a little bit about this book in my wrap-up blog but I wanted to go more in-depth on my thoughts because I kind of have things to say about it 

I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars so I liked it but it was definitely not 4 stars on 5 so it’s not even a three and a half star it’s just three stars flat there are definitely flaws in it it was enjoyable but I would like to explain why I have given it the rating that I have this is gonna be a non-spoiler review so if you would like to stay and read the blog.


I was really excited about going into it it has such high expectations in my mind because it’s just I am it’s so cute like time travel and romance and things that I like you know so I started reading and this book definitely did not live up to my expectations I did not like the character that much I did not find myself attached to them it’s not that they were not developed well it’s just I did not really like that Clara bugged me like she was kind of not like the privileged rich girl with a tragic love story or you know Henry pops in and out of her life and she cannot introduce him to it to our family and oh my god the horror, no I do not feel bad for you.


And you have a nice house and a family and she’s almost too perfect you know she’s an artist she’s really pretty and she’s patient like how can you wait for a guy that long like I do not know and then Henry to there’s some personality lacking like who is he why was she attracted to him she was talentless he was not all that funny or amusing I do not really know why they were attracted to jelly because they are both lacking something in their character they are not very special people if that makes sense another thing I did not like was how the romance was developed I thought it was interesting how was not a complete plotline and how the story unravels because Claire knows things that Henry does not necessarily. 

Because it depends on what time he’s coming from in his life so that was kind of interesting seeing how their timelines align but it was also very confusing at times like very confusing you are probably confused me just trying to explain it it’s just really hard to wrap your head around I think I would have to read this a few times to really understand it and also to I do not really understand where their relationship started and I kind of said that and I wrap up but what I meant by that was for Claire.

Henry was constantly present throughout her life I mean it did not really matter when he was coming from because he always came from different time periods you know you show up 20 years older than the next time she saw me to be 40 she knew starting from young ages she was gonna marry him and it seemed like there was no other choice for her and then for Henry was confusing cuz he does not meet Clara until he’s like 20 or so and it was not really explained how they like actually started dating or if they even dated I do not I do not get it it was just like they were married always another thing too with the sexual aspects of this book okay sex fine put it in the book it’s fine I really do not mind I really do not mind it’s okay but it was like there’s so much there’s so much and I felt like there was a lot of physical stuff and not want feeling feeling stuff like less emotion and more like oh my god I am you yeah I mean I kind of want the the romance like they are just lying in bed stuff you know but did not get a lot of that also too bothered. 

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It was the age gap like when she was a kid and he was like a middle-aged man and they would like kiss when she was a teenager and stuff and I found that to be kind of inappropriate she’s a teenager and you are like wait older than her and I get that she’s your wife in whatever time zone you are coming from but it’s still weird to kiss a teenager even though they waited to have sex until her like 18th birthday whatever she’s 18 and you are what 40 like I am trying to be open-minded about it but it does not sound good. 

it did not reap good either this is probably really confusing it’s confusing this is the flaws the writing was good to okay the writing was good but they often had this tendency to go a lot of description of like the mundane things in the characters live she would spend all this time describing the break-in characters playing a board game but then when I came to things like their wedding it was totally rushed over there at the altar they are in the car going to the hotel like I am sorry can you slow down for a second what happened in ceremony how was the party what did the parents cry I do not know it’s like a paragraph a wedding description like what you cannot tell me anything about the wedding really like really can we get our priorities straight.


You go into excruciating detail on the characters playing a board game like how much money you just cared to gotten monopoly but the wedding is hey he’s over like just a while okay I did not know there are a few more points I wanted to make one the ending without spoiling it I liked how it was hinted at throughout the book like you kind of had a feeling you know you knew it was gonna end like that but what it did come it was pretty touching it was definitely emotional and made me cry so I did not think that anything was good that was not really disappointing there was lots of foreshadowing which is really cool just give it a try if you wanted to but it would not be something I would like to recommend you read you know what I mean okay that’s enough I am done my hand hurts from holding it

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