Comic Book: Watchmen Alan Moore Pdf Download

Comic Book: Watchmen Alan Moore Pdf Download

Watchmen Alan Moore Pdf

Hii Today we are having a look at the deluxe edition of The Watchmen by Alan Moore with illustrations by Dave Gibbons This is in my opinion the best version of the Watchmen available on the market which is still in publication and I really like pretty much every aspect of it I do not think there’s anything I do not really like so the first thing to notice is the dust cover it’s it’s a matte dust cover.

I think it’s fine maybe if there was one thing that I would change about it is that I would make the image the same as what is what is on the cover itself which is the facsimile of exactly of what the first issue of watchmen looks like maybe they could have done the same thing for here but I think that this works just fine do not have any any any issues with that and the fact that that this is here any way you know no problems at all so have a look at what the book itself looks like I think it’s great.

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They have kept all of the text on the dust cover right so so all of this stuff is searching on the dust cover and not on the book itself so have been able to keep the book, yeah looking like a really thick version of that issue number one and that came out in the 1980s let’s have a look the next thing that I really like about this is the paper look it’s they have used this quite pulpy paper which is completely reminiscent of the paper on which the original issues were printed on it’s really really nice it’s matte it does not pick up fingerprints you see that black bear yet,

It’s an I have seen people who have actually been upset about the court of the quality of the paper but actually, it’s a bonus it’s a feature I think it’s really really nice you know that all these new comic books have got um very very glossy paper and yeah they pick up fingerprints like anything and this really feels like reading have a look at that reading the old magazines.

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The old comics so each issue, of course, is followed by the story that the text segment and that was that was featured at the end of every issue the first time I have read through this I do not know about 15 years ago and I did not bother reading these and decided that I did not like the watchmen it’s only recently that I reread the whole thing with reading these intra issue segments that I realized how important they actually were and how essential they were to understanding the story and to understanding motivations at the of the characters so yeah I am not going to flick through too much as you know the that the comic is is quite graphic.


The Watchmen I hope you get the review and you found it useful if you are considering buying an edition of The Watchmen for me this is the one to get unless of course you have got money to fork out for the for the absolute edition and but I think this just has to download pdf and read at Your phone great and does everything that I wanted to do thanks for reading this blog and don’t forget to comment below

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