Book Review We Were Liars PDF And Read Online

Book Review We Were Liars PDF And Read Online

We were liars pdf

Welcome back guys in my blog today I am going to be doing a book review for We Were Liars by E Lockhart and also we have its PDF. I just read this a few days ago and I oh my gosh I need to talk about it well I guess I should start out by saying this review is going to be for the people that have already read this book.

I am gonna just repeat the lines that everyone’s been saying it’s best to go into this book without knowing anything so you should come back when you read the book that’s not here I am really sorry if you have not read this book yet but um I feel like I cannot do this review without talking about the ending it’s just I got to talk about the book as a whole so if you have not read it goodbye for now and please come back please just read the book come back 

Book Summary

It’s short it’s really short like 200 pages you can do it I have faith in you okay bye bye bye you guys should be gone and now is the time this is the time to 12 okay since you are here I do not need to explain the synopsis because I am assuming you have read the book and you listen to my previous directions and yeah I guess I could just get into the beef well it’s not my it’s my thoughts we are gonna get into my thoughts are on beef this is coming out weird okay I really enjoyed this book and I am gonna tell you why the first thing I want to talk about is the writing style.

Because I absolutely loved it I know it’s not something that maybe suits everyone but for me, it was just perfect I loved the rhythm of it and how vehicle it was at times just poetic and lovely and uh uh so the use of metaphor and like personification is just it was so beautiful and it made the emotions in the story just so real how it was done in such a unique way you know it was not just outright saying I felt sad it was like my dad shot me these little things and writing that just makes the story so special and different I also really enjoyed the mystery in it I found myself constantly thinking and trying to figure out. 

What was going on I was questioning everything like this is the first book that I do not think I could completely trust the narrator and that was good because it got me thinking and even though I had all these weird scenarios is none of them really panned out in the end I mean I got close I thought in the beginning that maybe Katie was dead like she was dead already like she died when she jumped off the cliff it was the other way around but that was the closest I got I also liked the stuff at all how it’s like a privilege by a family that’s so up I just I do not know that just made me so happy because I literature you just get a lot of white people and a lot of privilege that’s not even acknowledge and here it’s not only acknowledged but you see how messed up it is and how money and merit do not mean anything it’s lit that does not mean you are happy that does not mean your family gets along.

And it’s perfect and sunshine all the time and I do not know how up it was that’s twisted but it made for a good story now I guess I should talk about the liars um have acknowledged nominal main characters of the book so the liars um yeah I like them I do not have really anything intelligent to say about them I really like them I love the dialogue between them the dynamics of the group and they all felt like pretty solid characters they all felt real and they had depth and I really enjoyed them talking about Katie K I might be saying it wrong but I pronounce the Katie throughout the whole books though the fun fact I actually read her name as Candace.

Let’s Start a good half of the book and then I realized there’s no and I am like cadence so Katie this snow on top of the way she tells the story makes it so intriguing and mysterious to it’s not linear there are tons of flashbacks there are gaps in the knowledge there’s lies embedded in it they you did not even know where lies all of those um input factions in the storytelling made it a really really great reading experience the format of the book itself is also unique not just the way that cadence tells it having you know those little inserted fairy tales and all that really added to the book I do not know about you guys but I felt like the whole thing had a sort of dreamlike feel to it.

Everything felt a little bit hazy and oversimplified at times not romanticized because there are those parts just really raw pain emotion there was just something about the way that cadence talked about the island and she talked about the liars that made it seem like a fairy tale almost you know which is so appropriate when you get to the end because you learn that obviously, the liars are not really alive it made so much more sense how Katie is talking about them because she’s describing memories and hallucinations and not people themselves. 

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It’s the memories of the people I know there’s something’s really poetic about that wow it was good it was really good my only criticism is the liars thing I know I am not the only one who’s thought this cuz I saw area upsets video I am like yes that’s what I was thinking exactly like she said the words but I am just gonna repeat it first of all I do not even think that they lied that much I mean okay Mirren lied about her boyfriend they were gonna lie about the fighter but really like what makes them wires like whatever we were with them it everything they were talking about and the way they interacted it felt really honest.

Small Takeaway About the book

I do not think the story is about them lying I think it’s about what they did and why they did it in what it meant and the consequences of it I give it a 4 and a half out of five stars it was nearly perfect this book was short but it was so powerful and good and just awesome and you all cart needs a high five I think I woulda high five for a fiver matter in real life thank you for writing this I guess that’s all I have to say thanks for reading by blog.

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