Book Review: When breath becomes air pdf Download

Book Review: When breath becomes air pdf Download

When breath becomes air pdf

Hey guys it’s Brandon so I needed to do a book review. it’s rare that I read a book and immediately just feel like I have to talk to you about it and this is absolutely one of those books so I read When breath becomes air by Paul Kallanithi and I have completed it in two days. 

About the story

I have not when I would stop thinking about it and just really wanted to share it with you and to invite you all to read it too and so just a little bit about this book this is a nonfiction book it’s very short about Paul who was a pretty brilliant man um had a whole host of different degrees from very prestigious universities and went through this of medicine track ended up to go into neurosurgery and neuroscience at the age of 35 and you can also download When breath becomes air pdf.

He was diagnosed with terminal cancer and this book is about him dealing with his upcoming death and so it’s a pretty hard topic already but as you guys know normally difficult topics do not really hit me all that hard but this book hit me really hard I cried three times when I was reading it and I cried twice in public I cried in my office at work over at lunch and I cried in the gym so yeah it was a pretty strong staff um so a little bit more about it just in general and I think that the voice and that Paul writes with is really strong. 

I think for me it was quite a sort of impactful because he has a mix of really enjoying English literature and really drunk science it’s a relatively relative combination of interest that’s one that I certainly share and very interesting to see and if you need When breath becomes air pdf how he was relating the sort of philosophy of literature to the sort of scientific method and speaking about those two things in tandem and how he was reconciling his need for logic and order with his need for the sort of emotional aspect of literature. 

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I think he wrote about his experiences very well um and I think that he did a very good job at putting across exactly what was happening and the way that he was feeling at certain times and I think what made it such a hard-hitting bit for me as it deals with one of my like deepest fears which is not like lung cancer but it’s the concept of a conscious death so just to explain a little bit more it’s always been something that sort of fascinated me and like makes me feel a bit weird at the same time.

It’s one of the reasons why I am always really interested in rear pillars and in the experience their victims must have when they are aware that they are essentially helpless to death that is being fed to them by a third party I used to write to prisoners on death row who had a very similar kind of experience yes obviously they have done bad things but they are in a situation where they are facing their death.


I have read this year and tell me if you read it down below tell me if it had a similar sort of effect on you or if you are interested in reading it then again please comment down below just let me know I would like to chat about this with you guys and see where your experience has been with it so thank you ever so much for watching no it was a bit of a tougher blog so well done for sticking around and don’t forget to comment below.

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