Know About You Can Win Book Review of Shiv Khera in 2021

Know About You Can Win Book Review of Shiv Khera in 2021

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You can win is a book and before talking about its summary let’s talk about author Shiv Khera. He is the author of the international best-seller book which is “you can win”, which sold over 1.7 million copies which are in almost 16 languages. The second book of his was “living with honor” which hopefully is on the way to creating new records. He is an Indian author of a self-help book and an activist. He also launched a movement against caste-based reservations in India.

This book focuses on achieving success through personal growth and a positive attitude. Its summary motivates people to take things right from their daily life turns them into positive thrusts. People who pursue a balanced personality and who want to move towards success with positivity. This book is actually for everyone as it helps in building your confidence.

Building a positive attitude is necessary for this story author shares story of a man from which we learn a lesson and the author wants us to know that people’s attitude contributes to success, and also a study was done by Harvard University in which they say that 85% people get a job because of their attitude and only 15% people get a job because they are smart or intelligent.

One more chapter in this book by the author shares a story of a farmer and wants us to learn from that. When our attitude is right we realize that we are all walking on acres and acres of diamonds. That the grass on the other side always looks greener. The author says that every person likes grass on the other side, which means when you like someone else’s grass then someone else also likes some other person’s grass.

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The primary factors that determine our attitude are environment, experience, and education. When we talk about the environment it is about the homes, schools, work, media, culture, religion, tradition, social environment, and political environment. About the experience, he says that our behavior changes according to our experience with people and events in our lives, if we have a positive experience with people then our attitude automatically becomes positive. And in education he talks about formal and informal education, he is not only talking about academic qualifications or degrees, here he is talking about knowledge that gives us wisdom and ensures success. When we have the right knowledge about things we have the confidence to speak up and stand our point which increases our confidence.

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